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Bat Ray Closeup

Bat Ray

Myliobatis californica


Bowmouth Guitarfish

Rhina ancylostoma

California thornback gliding over the ocean bottom

California Thornback

Platyrhinoidis triseriata

Underside of cownose ray

Pacific Cownose Ray

Rhinoptera steindachneri

Red Abalone

Red Abalone

Haliotis rufescens

Red Sea Urchin

Red Sea Urchin

Strongylocentrotus franciscanus

Red-backed Poison Dart Frog

Red-backed Poison Dart Frog

Ranitomeya reticulata

Red-eyed Medusa floating in murky water

Red-eyed Medusa

Polyorchis pencillatus


Reef Stonefish

Synanceia verrucosa

Reticulate Whipray closeup

Reticulate Whipray

Himantura uarnak

Rio Cauca Caecilian

Rio Cauca Caecilian

Typhlonectes natans

Rockmover Wrasse

Rockmover Wrasse

Novaculichthys taeniourus

Ruddy Duck

Ruddy Duck

Oxyura amaicensis jamaicensis

Coiled Southern Pacific Rattlesnake

Southern Pacific Rattlesnake

Crotalus oreganus helleri

Spotted ratfish on Seafloor

Spotted Ratfish

Hydrolagus colliei

eagle ray swimming

Whitespotted Eagle Ray

Aetobatus ocellatus