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Adopt an Animal

Adopt an animal today to receive special benefits including an adoption certificate, monthly newsletter, and more.

otter pup 923 up close looking at camera

Credit: Robin Riggs

Adoptions at higher levels include an adorable plush, exclusive Aquarium tote bag, admission tickets, and animal encounters.

Why Adopt an Animal?

Your animal adoption helps fund our many education and conservation initiatives, animal rehabilitation work, and important animal breeding efforts.

penguin gatz headshot

Credit: Robin Riggs

Adopt a Penguin

Our penguins need annual exams to make sure they’re in prime waddling shape. Support a penguin today to help provide them with the best medical care available.

giant pacific octopus close-up

Credit: Robin Riggs

Adopt an Octopus

Giant Pacific octopuses live in the colder waters of the northern Pacific Ocean. They are highly intelligent and, like other cephalopods, they can instantly change the color and texture of their skin. Help us continue to provide the highest quality care for our giant Pacific octopus by adopting today.

otter 934 in water with paws in mouth

Credit: Robin Riggs

Adopt a Sea Otter

Did you know it costs over $2,000 to feed one of our otters for a month? Keep these fuzzy otters happy and healthy by adopting today.

olive ridley sea turtle swimming in exhibit

Adopt a Sea Turtle

Did you know the Aquarium provides veterinary care for injured wild sea turtles? Help us continue our animal rehabilitation work.

blacktip reef shark

Credit: Robin Riggs

Adopt a Shark

With your help the Aquarium is able to participate in important shark breeding efforts to help dwindling shark populations in the wild.

Shelby the seal lays on the ground

Credit: Robin Riggs / Aquarium of the Pacific

Adopt a Harbor Seal

Harbor seals are opportunistic feeders, meaning they eat many types of food and can adapt to whatever is available. In short, they are not fussy eaters. They need to eat 5 to 6 percent of their body weight in food per day, which can add up to about 20 pounds for a large male. Help us keep our harbor seals full and happy.

Thank You

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Our Donors

The Aquarium of the Pacific relies on the contributions of individuals, foundations, corporations, and government partners to support vital animal care, conservation, and education programs. Thank you for your support.