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Magellanic Penguins from South America

June Keyes Penguin Habitat

Penguin swimming on top of the water - popup
The penguins look down on visitors who venture into the exhibit’s crawl-in space. Aquarium of the Pacific/Robin Riggs

Get up-close with twenty Magellanic Penguins both above and below the water in the June Keyes Penguin Habitat.

The exhibit is home to twenty Magellanic Penguins and includes a crawl-in space, allowing you to feel as if you are in the exhibit with the animals.

Exhibit panels and interactive touch screens provide information about penguins and issues that are affecting their survival in the wild. The exhibit features a rocky area and beach that resembles the penguins’ natural habitat, a pool for swimming, and nesting areas. Life-sized models of penguins representing other species are also on display in the exhibit area.

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Profile of Magellanic penguin

Magellanic Penguins

When we think of penguins, we often picture ice and snow. But only a few species of penguins live in Antarctica and withstand that continent’s coldest temperatures. Most penguins in the world—ten out of seventeen species—live in temperate areas and never see ice or snow.

collage of penguins

Our Penguins

While it’s difficult to distinguish one Magellanic Penguin from another, Aquarium visitors will be able to tell who’s who by looking at the penguins’ color-coded and name-labeled ID tags on their wings.

penguin on rocks

Webcam: Penguin Habitat Above Water

See our penguins live 24 hours a day in our above water penguin cam, courtesy of

penguins underwater

Webcam: Penguin Habitat Below Water

See our penguins live 24 hours a day in our below water penguin cam, courtesy of

world map with penguin locations

Magellanic Penguin Story Map

Interactively explore where each of our Magellanic Penguins came from while also learning about their individual personalities.