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Conservation Programs

The Aquarium of the Pacific is dedicated to conservation, including education, community science and outreach, forums, and efforts to protect endangered species and threatened habitats.

Sea turtle in bed of truck being released back into the ocean

Credit: Aquarium of the Pacific/Madeline Walden


Through sustainable operating practices, the Aquarium reduces its environmental impact and models sustainability. Outreach and education programs help members of our community learn more about how they can make a difference.

Community Science

The Aquarium offers community science programs that allow the public to engage with local efforts to monitor wildlife, record data, and learn about issues like climate change.

Scientific Divers

The Aquarium is an institutional member of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences, and its divers participate in local data and specimen collection projects.

Seafood for the Future

The Aquarium’s sustainable seafood program works with scientists, the seafood industry, and policymakers to support a healthier and more sustainable food supply, benefiting humans and the planet. It also educates the public about sustainable seafood with a focus on responsible marine aquaculture.

Films and Podcasts

The Aquarium’s original films connect visitors with ocean stories and environmental topics beyond the Aquarium’s walls. The Aquarium’s podcasts feature visiting scientists and other experts.

Forums & Workshops

Aquarium forums and workshops bring together scientists, policymakers, and others to develop solutions to complex problems relating to the ocean and environment.

Saving Endangered Species

The Aquarium conducts research and breeding programs on site to support endangered species. Staff members also participate in conservation field work and outreach programs.

What You Can Do

Learn what you can do to conserve resources, reduce your environmental impact, and be an ocean steward.


The Aquarium’s Marine Conservation Research Institute sponsors forums, publishes reports, and provides ocean conservation articles that connect the public with ocean science and the scientific community.

Conservation News

Kelp and seaweed on the deck of a boat

Aquarium Explores How People Shift Their Perceptions about Seafood and Seaweed Farming

A recent study published by the Aquarium and collaborators finds potential in messages that emphasize the environmental benefits of sustainable aquaculture.

test tubes on racks in a refridgerator

Aquarium Embarks on New Project to Help an Important Habitat Impacted by Climate Change

Kelp forests have been under threat and the Aquarium is joining partners in a new scientific project to help kelp.

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