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Live at the Aquarium

Aquarium Webcams

Visit our exhibits virtually. Check in on our animals with live webcams placed inside some of the Aquarium's exhibits.

Aquarium Webcams

penguin on rocks

Webcam: Penguin Habitat Above Water

See our penguins live 24 hours a day in our above water penguin cam, courtesy of

penguins underwater

Webcam: Penguin Habitat Below Water

See our penguins live 24 hours a day in our below water penguin cam, courtesy of

sandbar shark next to rock with coral

Webcam: Shark Lagoon

This exhibit includes several species of the oceans’ top predators, including a blacktip reef shark, sand tiger shark, zebra shark, and reticulate whiptail ray.

Moon jellies float on a black background

Webcam: Moon Jellies

The Aquarium’s moon jelly exhibit is located in its Southern California/Baja Gallery.

Sea jelly

Webcam: Sea Nettles

Found along the coasts of California and Oregon, these sea jellies feed on small fish and plankton that come in contact with the jellies’ stinging tentacles.

group of golden trevally

Webcam: Tropical Reef

This exhibit represents the famous Blue Corner off the coast of Palau. This area, lush and abundant with life, is considered one of the most beautiful dive sites in the world.

white sea bass

Webcam: Honda Blue Cavern

This exhibit represents the underwater habitat you would find along our coast and around local islands.