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What You Can Do

Here are some suggested ways you can help lessen the negative impact that human activity is having on climate change.

  • Learn how to conserve energy and water. Visit the websites of your energy company, water department, and waste carrier to find out where the energy and water used in your home comes from. Learn where your trash goes and how far it has to travel to get there.
  • Make energy efficiency a top priority at home by replacing light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), turning lights off, eliminating “vampire power” by plugging devices into power strips that you can shut off, and using natural ventilation and daylight when you can.
  • Opt for more insulation and more energy-efficient windows so you waste less energy heating and cooling your home.
  • Make water conservation a top priority because it takes energy to bring water to Southern California. Plant a native garden.
  • Reduce emissions from driving by combining trips, keeping your car properly maintained, carpooling, and riding a bike or walking whenever possible. Purchase a more fuel-efficient car next time you’re in the market for one.
  • Offset the carbon emissions that you cannot eliminate by purchasing carbon credits.
  • Contact your elected representatives and tell them that climate change is a top priority.
  • Talk about climate change with family, friends, and neighbors—changing habits is easier when people do it together.