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Our Donors

The Aquarium of the Pacific relies on the contributions of individuals, foundations, corporations, and government partners to support vital animal care, conservation, and education programs. Thank you for your support.

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Credit: Robin Riggs

Thank you to our committed and dedicated board members.

  • Ms. Samantha Attwood
  • Mr. Mark Bertrand
  • Mr. David Cameron
  • Ms. Esther Chui Chao
  • Ms. Kathleen Eckert
  • Mr. Ed Feo, chair
  • Mrs. Charlotte Ginsburg
  • Ms. Jennifer Hagle, board secretary
  • Mr. Russell T. Hill
  • Mr. Dan Hopper
  • Mr. Josh Jones
  • Dr. Peter Kareiva
  • Mr. Samuel King
  • Ms. Stephanie Leshney
  • Mr. Art Levitt
  • Ms. Chanwantha Sam Limon
  • Mr. Henry Matson
  • Mr. Stephen Olson
  • Mr. Douglas Otto, vice chairman
  • Mr. Mark Paullin
  • Mr. Karl Pettijohn
  • Mr. Kurt Schulzman
  • Mr. Michael Sondermann
  • Mr. Donald Tippett
  • Mr. Thomas Turney
  • Dr. Stephanie Wear
  • Mr. Stephen Young

as of 1/1/23

Thank you to our Corporate Circle members, a distinctive group of business leaders that provide key support to the Aquarium’s numerous conservation and education programs.

  • California Resources Corporation
  • Epson America, Inc.
  • Georg Fischer Piping Systems
  • HASA, Inc.
  • LBS Financial Credit Union
  • Pacific Industrial
  • Windes

as of 1/1/23

The Nautilus Society honors those generous individuals who support the Aquarium of the Pacific through a planned gift. Including the Aquarium in one’s financial planning demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to our institution that provides long-term financial support.

  • William W. Hocke
  • Valerie and Bob Hoffman
  • Christopher Hogan
  • Ghislaine and Warren Iliff
  • Sarah Kaleel
  • Suzanne Kelley
  • The Estate of David H. Kiesling
  • R.J. Kurtz
  • Bonita Landsberg
  • Trish and Don Lange
  • Bert Levy
  • Barbara Long
  • Betty White Ludden
  • Louis C. Mirabile Estate
  • Kathie Nirschl
  • Sumner M. Redstone Charitable Foundation
  • Michael Radke
  • Craig Singer
  • The Silveri Family
  • Jeanne B. Sleeper
  • Shelly Stratton
  • Martha Jane Workman

as of 1/1/2023

Thank you to our Pacific Circle members for playing a significant role in the Aquarium’s ability to create meaningful and lasting change for our community and ocean.

Benefactor Gifts of $100,000+

  • John and Nancy Edwards Family Foundation

Champion Gifts of $25,000

  • Ambrielle Army and Jeffrey Jew

Ambassador Gifts of $15,000

  • Susann H. Norton
  • Glenn Suhd
  • Marlene Temple*

Fellow Gifts of $10,000

  • Anonymous (2)
  • Dr. Dominic and Margaret DeCristofaro
  • Norman and Diane Delaterre*
  • Gary Grimm and Linda Dakin-Grimm
  • Robin and John Renfro
  • Fred and Eileen Schoellkopf Family Foundation

Chairman Gifts of $5,000

  • Anonymous*
  • The Campbell Family
  • Silvio and Dawn Chianese
  • John and Judy Chrispens
  • David C. Comer
  • Viktoria Engel Tyer*
  • Lee and Georgie Ford
  • Jacky Glass*
  • Robert W. Gordon
  • Josephine S. Gumbiner Foundation*
  • Dean and Wendy Grose
  • Ann M. Herring*
  • Bess J. Hodges Foundation*
  • The Kleiner Cohen Foundation
  • Joan Knight*
  • Christine McDonald
  • John, Antonia & Giovanni Molina*
  • Mr. and Mrs. Pramuditya Oen
  • Dr. Alan Robb and Dr. Guadalupe Padilla-Robb*
  • Schulzman-Neri Foundation
  • Stewart F. Sexton*
  • Arlo G. Sorensen*
  • William and Karen Timberlake
  • Kyle Wadsworth

Director Gifts of $2,500

  • Anonymous*
  • Anonymous (2)
  • Steven and Sheri Altieri
  • Morgan Barrows and Anthony Pichardo*
  • Keegan Bonebrake
  • Richard Boucher and Andrea Amram*
  • James and Barbara Brownell
  • Doug and Beth Buurma
  • David and Amelia Cameron
  • Jin and Richard Chon
  • Esther S. M. Chui Chao*
  • Justin and Jessica Crow
  • Donald F. Desfor and Carol Duong*
  • Ronald and Susan Duncan
  • Kathleen Eckert
  • Oliver and Megan Edmonds
  • Barbara Ellis*
  • John Fielder and Donita Van Horik*
  • Ryan and Carla Flynn
  • Amelia and Paul Garcia
  • Frederick and Leslie Gaylord*
  • Rocky and Deborah Gentner*
  • Dr. James and Barbara Ghormley*
  • Robert and Marilyn Grove
  • Bob and Jennifer Hagle*
  • Gerard Hanley and Donna Chinn*
  • Josh Jones and Tweeny Kau
  • Sarah Kaleel
  • Suzanne Kelley
  • Todd and Shareen King
  • King’s Seafood Company
  • Richard and Linda Landes*
  • Art Levitt
  • Lily, Lauren, & Jason Lew-Rapai
  • Henry and Paulette Matson
  • Cindy L. Matsumoto and Gary Y. Matsumoto, Ed.D. *
  • Larry and Susan Maxson*
  • Julia and Patrick McConaghy
  • Cynthia and David Mirsky
  • Margaret Merryfield *
  • Katherine Moore*
  • Peter Morin and Katrina Pelto*
  • Simona Morris*
  • Margie and Frank Newell*
  • Dana Noble*
  • Luther and Ginger Nussbaum
  • Stephen and Brenda Olson*
  • Douglas Otto and Freda Hinsche Otto*
  • John F. Penny and Christopher Kurimoto*
  • Michelle Paradise and Meredith Kadlec
  • Dr. Dharini Patel and Anjana Patel
  • Mark C. Paullin
  • Karl Pettijohn
  • Lyn and John Pohlmann*
  • Edward and Diana Putz*
  • James A. Reep Family Foundation
  • Paulina Robledo Williams and Mark Williams
  • Amy Santa Cruz
  • James and Sheila Schlee*
  • Dave Shlemmer*
  • Susan Shultz*
  • Jeanne B. Sleeper*
  • Anne-Marie and Alex Sparatu
  • Paul Sprague
  • Eiko and Floyd Stewart*
  • Richard and Barbara Stratton*
  • Scott Sweetow and Lisa Green-Sweetow*
  • Don Tippett
  • Lori Tonder
  • Tom Turney and Jill Boivin
  • Robert and Maureen Watts
  • Russell Westbrook
  • Tommy Wong
  • Denise Wynn*
  • Laura Yescas and Fabian Yescas, Sr.
  • Steve and Marlene Young*

President Gifts of $1,500

  • Age of Aquariums
  • Alexandra and Terrence Sullivan*
  • Anonymous* (2)
  • Howard and Nikki Applebaum*
  • Elysia Balmania & Family
  • Robert Barackman and Katrina Ray-Barackman*
  • Mark and Joyce Barnett*
  • Joseph and Glenda Bartell
  • Rob Bellevue and Margaret Smith*
  • Benjamin and Rebecca Birdsall
  • Judith Blevens*
  • Donald and Judy Bogart
  • Yvonne M. Bogdanovich
  • Bonnie Brae*
  • Ed and Sharyn Brandman
  • George and Judy Breshears*
  • Anthony Brown
  • Mr. Daniel S. Brozost and Dr. Nicole S. Brozost
  • Josephine Burns
  • Ronald Burch
  • Dr. Carter Butts and Dr. Rachel Martin
  • Kelly A. Dawson and Suzanne Bostwick*
  • Todd and Cory Buchner*
  • Daniel and Araceli Camarillo
  • Jason and Amy Chase
  • Herbert and Faythallegra Claude
  • Kevin and Jasel Contreras
  • Jhoanna Craig
  • Daniel Davia
  • Dr. and Mrs. Michele Del Vicario, M.D.
  • Denise Dietz*
  • Dr. Charles and Margaret Durnin*
  • John and Vickie Dupuy*
  • Don and Gay Durward*
  • David and Sheila Eaton*
  • Kenneth and Kathi Ellis*
  • Suzanne Forman
  • In honor of Dave Foster/Johnson Family Fund/Amanda and Kevin Johnson
  • George and Carrie Fields*
  • Cecile Fisher and Isaias Castellanos
  • Michael J. Gaczkowski and Vicki L. Kane
  • Michael and Christine Gallagher*
  • Lionel Galway and Susan Tritt
  • Gamas Family
  • Jason and Simmon Gee
  • Timothy and Jennifer Glugosh
  • Jonathan Gordon*
  • Greg and Marlene Gosser*
  • Rickey Green
  • Donald and Christine Hafeman*
  • Christina J. Hall and John Gresham
  • Steve and Lisa Hansen
  • Dr. Carl, Elise and Shelby Hartman*
  • Madeline and Donald Heimark*
  • Otto and Shirley Henke
  • Joseph Herron and Patricia Baird*
  • Quinn Higgins
  • Valerie and Bob Hoffman
  • Mark and Mary Hoover
  • Albert C. Hu and Michele E. Brantner
  • Linda Hanada
  • Denise Hurst*
  • Joel R. Kessler*
  • Manivanh and Brian Khy
  • Jeanne and Ron Kipp*
  • Dean and Nancy Knupp
  • Glen Kraemer/Hirschfeld Kraemer LLP*
  • Dr. and Mrs. Micheal A. Kuhn
  • Kwan Family Enaz Foundation
  • Bonnie and Hank Landsberg*
  • Trish and Don Lange*
  • Robert and Nancy Latimer*
  • Kathleen LeClair and Stephanie Senne
  • Daniel and Leanne Levine
  • Michael and Vanessa Lewis*
  • Patrick Lewis and Laura Lewis
  • Barbara Long and William Waterhouse*
  • Leann Mainis and Austin Kurtz
  • Gary and Gretchen Marlotte*
  • Margie and Jon Masterson*
  • Lisa and Dolly Masui*
  • Edward and Carol McKeown
  • Thresa and Dave McMurtrey*
  • Janet Mentzer
  • Mary Murfey
  • Michael K. Nakashoji*
  • Tobi I. Neer*
  • Emily Owens and Matthew Freedman
  • Rajan Patel
  • Pamela Paterson and Robin Paterson
  • Nancy Pinckert*
  • Barbara A. Pollack and John A. Burkholder*
  • Lori Prince and Robert Hum
  • Kenneth and Marilyn Prindle*
  • Ernest Quinones and Timothy Rattel
  • Elsie Damon Rash*
  • Arlette Reed*
  • Mary C. Rooney*
  • William and Diane Salter*
  • The Shadden Family*
  • Jane and Jonathan Shank
  • Jeffrey and Deborah Simpson
  • Dr. Preston and Nancy Smith*
  • Richard and Luan Smith
  • James and Jodi Snyder
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brandon A. Spurgeon*
  • Del and Carole Stagg*
  • Tina and Brian Sarty
  • Paul Stelling*
  • Charles and Ellen Steinmetz*
  • The Stocking Family*
  • Lauren and Steve Tabor*
  • Takehiko Suzuki and Deborah May
  • Thomas and Tina Taylor*
  • Christina and Steve Teubner
  • Michael and Pauline Timoney
  • Dr. Grant and Debbie Uba*
  • John and Judi Uphold*
  • David and Jeri Vick
  • James Vironda*
  • Tamara and Chandler White*
  • Cristine Wolf*
  • Trevor Wong
  • Richard and Jack Wright*
  • Philip and Christine Yamauchi
  • Leah C. Young*
  • Dr. Leila Yoonessi-Imandoust

*Charter Member
as of 1/1/2023

Thank you to our committed and dedicated trustees.

  • Tino and Martha Bernadett
  • Mark Bertrand and Robert Stanton
  • Barbara Blackwell
  • Steve Bolkovatz
  • Norm and Diane Delaterre
  • Jason DePetris
  • John and Vickie Dupuy
  • Carla and Ryan Flynn
  • Geof Garth
  • Daniel and Felicia Gilboa
  • Allen and Charlotte Ginsburg
  • Bob Gordon
  • Val and Bob Hoffman
  • Alicia Jensen
  • Trini and Maria Jimenez
  • Suzanne Kelley
  • Glen March
  • Gary and Cindy Matsumoto
  • Jill McCullough
  • Rob McNeel and Ron Rulison
  • Frank and Margie Newell
  • John Penny and Chris Kurimoto
  • Dennis Poulsen
  • Veronica Quintero
  • John and Robin Renfro
  • Mary Rooney
  • William and Diane Salter
  • Jeanne Sleeper
  • Daniel and Rebecca Siskin
  • Jean Smith
  • Ken Walker
  • John and Patricia Wang
  • Erik Wedin
  • Charles and Maureen Wilmot
  • Justin Wong
  • Denise Wynn

as of 3/15/2023

Thank you to our committed and dedicated volunteer staff in every department that contribute to the Aquarium’s success.

Charter Volunteers

  • Laurie Abshire
  • Barbara Anders
  • Diane Blackford
  • Dan Dabelstein
  • Linda de Ambrosio
  • Claudia Harden
  • Barbara Hill
  • Val Hoffman
  • Becky Katzen
  • Ken Kurtis
  • Caron Laird
  • Robin Riggs
  • Susan Schwartz
  • Betsy Suttle
  • Gregory Tashima
  • Leah Young

Active Volunteers with over 10,000 hours

  • Rod Bush
  • Val Hoffman
  • Leah Young
  • Hugh Ryono
  • Robin Riggs
  • Jim Scott

Active Volunteers with over 5,000 hours

  • Deborah Adams
  • Barbara Anders
  • Marte Brunsting
  • Bruce Cook
  • Dan Dabelstein
  • Linda de Ambrosio
  • Sandy Hermer
  • Barbara Hill
  • Carol Iazzetta
  • Becky Katzen
  • Ken Kurtis
  • John McCarty
  • Ellen Norwood
  • Denyse Romero
  • Eric Ross
  • Bill Seamon
  • Joshua Swope
  • Tom Tippett
  • Brent Trafton
  • Bill Trexel

as of 1/1/2023

JULY 22, 2023
Blue Whale Gala

Thank You

Comb jelly on black background

Our Donors

The Aquarium of the Pacific relies on the contributions of individuals, foundations, corporations, and government partners to support vital animal care, conservation, and education programs. Thank you for your support.

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