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African penguins on rocks

African Penguin

Spheniscus demersus

aggregating anemone

Aggregating Anemone

Anthopleura elegantissima

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Alaskan King Crab

Paralithodes camtschaticus

Alkali Heath - pink flower

Alkali Heath

Frankenia salina

American Avocet

American Avocet

Recurvirostra americana

American Kestrel Closeup

American Kestrel

Falco sparvenius



Subclass Ammonoidea

Arctic fox in snow

Arctic Fox

Vulpes lagopus

East Coast Sea Nettle group

Atlantic Sea Nettle

Chrysaora quinquecirrha


Banded Archerfish

Toxotes jaculatrix

Cowkiller Velvet Ant

Cowkiller Velvet Ant

Dasymutilla occidentalis

Crested Auklet Head

Crested Auklet

Aethia cristatella

Fish-Eating Anemone

Fish-Eating Anemone

Urticina piscivora

sideview of a green sea anemone

Green Sea Anemone

Anthopleura xanthogrammica

King Angelfish Head

King Angelfish

Holacanthus passer

Red Abalone

Red Abalone

Haliotis rufescens

abalone on green kelp

White Abalone

Haliotis sorenseni