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Queensland grouper close up of mottled head with gray spots

November 10, 2023

When Fish Grow Too Big for a Home Aquarium

Lessons from a recently donated tropical fish to the Aquarium of the Pacific can help home aquarists create a conscientious home aquarium.

The underside of a sunflower star attached to clear acrylic with thousands of tube feet

October 18, 2023

Aquarium of the Pacific Partners with Others in California to Help a Critically Endangered Sea Star

The Aquarium of the Pacific, Birch Aquarium, California Academy of Sciences, and the Sunflower Star Lab have successfully induced spawning in sunflower sea stars and hope to help reestablish wild populations off the nation’s west coast

Three sea lions barking on rocks

September 12, 2023

Animal Updates for Fall 2023

Discover the warty frogfish and the bay pipefish as well as a coral endemic to California featured in the reimagined Southern California Gallery.

Mountain yellow legged frog sitting on a rock by a body of water

September 7, 2023

Endangered Species Raised at the Aquarium of the Pacific and Santa Ana Zoo and Hatched at the Los Angeles Zoo Released into Local Wilderness

Approximately one hundred and seventy critically endangered southern mountain yellow-legged frogs were released into their wild habitat in the Southern California mountains on August 29 and 30, 2023.

black and white image of harpo the sea lion 2006-2023

June 30, 2023


The Aquarium staff members mourned the loss of Harpo the California sea lion.

Otter surrogate mother with pup Elle

June 8, 2023

New Sea Otter Pups at the Aquarium

The Aquarium welcomed three new sea otter pups, who were deemed non-releasable to the wild by the US Fish and Wildlife Service because they were unable to survive in the ocean.

Fin whale mouth breaches the surface of the ocean while as it feeds.

February 22, 2023

Research Finds Fin Whales Making a Home off the California Coast

Data collected by Aquarium interns helps identify individual whales locally

wet otter pup on deck

August 3, 2022

Meet Our New Rescued Sea Otter Pup and Suggest a Name

The sea otter can now be seen in the Aquarium’s Sea Otter Habitat in the Northern Pacific Gallery. The Aquarium is offering the chance to help name the four-month-old sea otter pup through its Adopt an Animal program.

Black and white photo of Betty the sea otter

July 15, 2022

Aquarium Mourns the Loss of Betty the Sea Otter

Betty passed away early in the morning on Thursday, July 14, 2022. She will be greatly missed.

Zebra shark

July 5, 2022

Aquarium Publishes New Research on Shark Artificial Insemination

The study was envisioned by Aquarium Veterinarian Dr. Lance Adams and involved four zebra sharks living at the Aquarium of the Pacific, one male and three females. Zebra sharks are listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species.

Penguin sitting on egg in a nest

May 31, 2022

Penguin Chick Hatches at the Aquarium

The chick hatched at the Aquarium of the Pacific on May 22.

giant bell jelly

April 7, 2022

What’s New at the Aquarium

This spring see our new sea otter pup, discover giant bell jellies, watch our penguins nesting activities, join us on a whale watch, or attend one of our special events and festivals.

Sea otter pup holding onto deck

December 21, 2021

Rescued Sea Otter Pup Arrives at the Aquarium

The Aquarium is lending a helping hand to a baby sea otter that was recently rescued off the coast of Pismo Beach, California. Government wildlife officials determined that the orphaned pup could not survive on his own in the wild and deemed him unreleasable. The Aquarium offered to help, and the pup made his way to Southern California.

Mountain yellow-legged frog tadpole on rocks

September 9, 2021

Endangered Frog Tadpoles Arrive at the Aquarium

The Aquarium is currently housing mountain yellow-legged frog tadpoles in a behind-the-scenes area as part of a survival plan for the species, which is endangered. They will be raised at the Aquarium with the goal of eventually releasing them back into the wild.

juvenile blue-green chromis

August 17, 2021

Find New Baby Animals in Aquarium Exhibits

On your next visit at the Aquarium, look for these new animals that were recently added to exhibits.