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Lecture Archive: Sam Muka

Stability in a Changing World: The Role of the Public Aquarium in 20th Century Marine Biological Research

Lecture date: March 19, 2019. Sam Muka discusses how public aquariums have supported marine conservation research and communicated research outcomes to the general public.

Lecture Archive: Scott Nichols

Aquaculture Innovations: Doing More With Less

Lecture date: November 13, 2018. Nichols discusses innovations in aquaculture and shares photographs and recipes demonstrating why seafood should be at the center of our diets.

Lecture Archive: William Cooper

The Butterflies of Iguazú Falls, Argentina

Lecture date: November 6, 2018. William Cooper has studied the butterflies of Iguazú Falls, Argentina, for several years. In this lecture he shares his photos and recounts his experiences visiting the falls.

Lecture Archive: Mike Mitchell

Reinventing the Devil Fish in Mexico

Lecture date: November 1, 2018. Mike Mitchell discusses his work to turn a problem fish into an economic boon in Mexico.

Lecture Archive: Greg Rau

Sea Change Needed in Managing the Ocean and the Planet

Lecture date: October 16, 2018. Dr. Greg Rau discusses the unprecedented nature and magnitude of the stresses the ocean now faces, some new approaches to avoiding or lessening the impacts, and the need for policies that support the emergence, evaluation, and development of new marine and planetary management strategies.

Lecture Archive: Anne Cohen

Where the Living Reefs Are: A Quest to Find the World’s Most Resilient Corals

Lecture date: October 11, 2018. Anne Cohen discusses the science and the scientists, the triumphs and the trials, behind the mission to uncover the world’s most resilient reefs.

Lecture Archive: Meet the Ocean’s Farmers

Panel Discussion

Lecture date: October 4, 2018. Panelists discuss a new educational video series called Ocean to Table: Stories of Food, Farming, and Conservation. The Aquarium-led production brings together seafood farmers, scientists, and chefs from around the country to share their stories and favorite recipes.

Lecture Archive: Ester Quintana

The Urban Whale: How the Right Whale Population Ended Up on the Brink of Extinction

Lecture date: October 2, 2018. Dr. Ester Quintana discusses the right whale population and their complex relationship with humans.

Lecture Archive: Dr. Randi Rotjan

Science and Conservation in the Largest and Deepest World Heritage Site: A Natural Laboratory for Global Change

Lecture date: September 20, 2018. Dr. Randi Rotjan discusses scientific researching being conducted at the Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA), which is owned and operated by the Republic of Kiribati.

Lecture Archive: Rob Mortensen and Katherine Finch

Pacific Island Bird Conservation

Lecture date: September 19, 2018. Aquarium staff members Rob Mortensen and Katherine Finch discuss conservation field work being conducted on Pacific Islands including the Northern Marianas.

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