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Lecture Archive: Andres Pruna

One Man's Journey in Pursuit of Art in Nature

Lecture date: June 27, 2018. Andres Pruna shares stories of his experiences, photos, and film clips documenting his travels, mainly in Patagonia.

Lecture Archive: Dominique Rissolo

Submerged Ice Age America: The View from Yucatan

Lecture date: June 12, 2018. Archaeologist Dominique Rissolo discusses his experiences exploring the Yucatan’s coastal sites and caves in search of Maya antiquities related to seafaring, commerce, and ritual practice.

Lecture Archive: Albert George

The Resilience Imperative

Lecture date: June 7, 2018. Albert George discusses what we can do to prepare our communities for the impacts of climate change and sea level rise.

Lecture Archive: 20th Anniversary Panel

Taking the Aquarium from Idea to Reality

Lecture date: June 6, 2018. Doug Otto, Aquarium founding board member, moderates a panel discussing the Aquarium' development, from idea to reality.

Lecture Archive: Danna Staaf

Cephalopods are the New Dinosaurs: A Squid’s-Eye View of the History of Life

Lecture date: May 15, 2018. Science writer Danna Staaf discusses cephalopods and their history in the primordial ocean.

Lecture Archive: Daniel Cartamil

Baja’s Wild Side: Shark Research and Conservation Photography in Baja California

Lecture date: May 9, 2018. Marine biologist Daniel Cartamil discusses shark research and conservation in Baja California, Mexico.

Lecture Archive: Swordfish Panel Discussion

Storied Seafood Program Launch

Lecture date: April 25, 2018. Seafood for the Future convened an expert panel of scientists, conservation organizations, and fishermen to educate the public about one of the most complex, controversial, and innovative fisheries in the U.S.—the California swordfish fishery. Panelists discussed how scientists, conservationists, and fishermen are working together to find solutions to keep fishermen fishing and reduce bycatch. Visit to learn more.

Lecture Archive: Women in STEM

Sandy Trautwein, Karen Tuttle Stearns, Emily Yam, and Angelina Komatovich

Lecture date: April 24, 2018. Aquarium professionals discuss their careers, job challenges and highlights, and skills necessary to be successful in their STEM fields. Panelist will also discuss advice for students interested in these career paths.

Lecture Archive: Craig Heberer

Bites, Cameras, Action: Tracing Tuna Catch, Hook to Dock

Lecture date: March 20, 2018. Craig Heberer discusses tuna fishing and how to ensure sustainability for consumers.

Lecture Archive: Lauren Harper

Saving Endangered Leatherback Sea Turtles: An Expedition to Costa Rica

Lecture date: March 13, 2018. Lauren Harper discusses her experiences with leatherback sea turtle conservation in Costa Rica.

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