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Lecture Archive: Andrew Policano

From Ivory Tower to Glass House: Strategies for Academic Leaders During Turbulent Times

Lecture date: September 13, 2018. Andrew Policano discusses the future of the public university system and issues surrounding education, including funding, tenure, and distance learning.

Lecture Archive: Dr. Sandy Trautwein

Twenty Years of Achievements in Husbandry and Conservation

Lecture date: August 30, 2018. Dr. Sandy Trautwein discusses the Aquarium's twenty years of work and achievements in the areas of animal husbandry and conservation. Dr. Trautwein is the Aquarium's vice president of husbandry.

Lecture Archive: James Danoff-Burg

Community-Based Conservation

Lecture date: August 23, 2018. Dr. James Danoff-Burg discusses how genuinely engaging communities can help address poaching.

Lecture Archive: Drew Lohrer

Science Under the Ice: Dive with Coastal Marine Ecologists Under Sea Ice in Antarctica

Lecture date: August 16, 2018. Dr. Drew Lohrer discusses the 2017 Science Under the Ice expedition to explore how climate change is affecting marine biodiversity along the Antarctic coastline.

Lecture Archive: Gregory Barord

Conservation in the Deep Sea: The Perilous Story of the Chambered Nautilus

Lecture date: August 14, 2018. Gregory Barord discusses monitoring nautilus populations and studying nautiluses and the deep-sea ecosystem as a whole.

Lecture Archive: John Fraser

Conservation Momentum

Lecture date: August 7, 2018. John Fraser discusses the roles zoos and aquariums can play in advancing a conservation ethos and how public trust offers opportunities for increased conservation action.

Lecture Archive: Mike Bartick

Blackwater Diving: Exploring the Night Sea

Lecture date: July 31, 2018. Mike Bartick shares photos and stories from his experiences exploring the ocean at night, including images of gelatinous sea jellies, sea snails, squid, and paper nautiluses—some of the ocean’s ancient animals.

Lecture Archive: Tapan Pathak

Climate Change and California’s Agriculture

Lecture date: July 26, 2018. Tapan Pathak discusses the potentially devastating impacts of climate change on California’s $50 billion agriculture industry.

Lecture Archive: Tyler Phelps

Deep Beneath the Sea: Exploring the Twilight Zone

Lecture date: July 10, 2018. Tyler Phelps, an Aquarium of the Pacific VolunTEEN alumnus, shares his current research as a graduate student with the California Academy of Sciences.

Lecture Archive: Holly Buck

Climate Geoengineering: What Could It Mean for Human and Ocean Life?

Lecture date: June 28, 2018. Science writer Holly Jean Buck discusses the possibilities of climate engineering approaches to limiting or reversing climate impacts, and what they could mean for human communities and our oceans.

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