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Lecture Archive: Edward Barbier

The Water Paradox

Lecture date: May 30, 2019. Edward B. Barbier discusses his latest book, The Water Paradox: Overcoming the Global Crisis in Water Management, which critiques current water policies and practices and offers policy and management solutions to avert a global water crisis.

Lecture Archive: Susan Kidwell

Unsuspected Collapse of SoCal Marine Communities in Historic Times: Novel Insights from Very Young Fossils

Lecture date: April 23, 2019. Susan Kidwell discussed studying shells and other remnants of marine life to understand changes in species composition and abundance over time in Southern California.

Lecture Archive: Chip Conley

Trading Wisdom Amongst Generations: The New Sharing Economy

Lecture date: April 3, 2019. Chip Conley discussed the lessons he learned in the second chapter of his career and how people can repurpose their wisdom to launch new chapters in their careers.

Lecture Archive: STEM Panel

STEM Careers at the Aquarium

Lecture date: April 3, 2019. As part of the City of Los Angeles’ month-long City of STEM science festival, the Aquarium hosted a panel discussion on careers it offers that require science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Lecture Archive: Pacific Visions Panel

The Making of Pacific Visions

Lecture date: May 16, 2019. A panel of the experts and Aquarium staff members behind the development and realization of Pacific Visions discussed what went into creating the Aquarium’s first major expansion and the important environmental topics covered in the new exhibits and programming.

Lecture Archive: Manuel Pastor

State of Resistance: What California’s Dizzying Descent and Remarkable Resurgence Mean for America’s Future

Lecture date: March 26, 2019. Manuel Pastor discusses how California has confronted many of the challenges the country faces now, including climate change, low-wage work, immigrant integration, and rates of incarceration.

Lecture Archive: Sam Muka

Stability in a Changing World: The Role of the Public Aquarium in 20th Century Marine Biological Research

Lecture date: March 19, 2019. Sam Muka discusses how public aquariums have supported marine conservation research and communicated research outcomes to the general public.

Lecture Archive: Joshua Goldstein

What Role Should Nuclear Power Play in Solving Climate Change?

Lecture date: March 12, 2019. Joshua Goldstein discusses the potential role for nuclear power in addressing climate change.

Lecture Archive: Sara Mandel

Penguin Conservation in South Africa

Lecture date: February 28, 2019. Sara Mandel discusses her conservation work with penguins in South Africa.

Lecture Archive: Jessica Whited

Studying Salamanders to Decipher Nature’s Instruction Manual for Regenerating Limbs

Lecture date: February 19, 2019. Jessica Whited discusses her research on salamanders and their ability to regenerate limbs.

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