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Seafood for the Future is dedicated to protecting the environment by using the best available information on the science, management, and technologies for seafood production to promote a stable supply of healthful seafood to a growing population while conserving working waterfronts and local fishing communities. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about seafood choices that support the health of the environment, people, and the global food supply.

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Local Seafood | Sustainability

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Fish Story: Making the Case for Marine Aquaculture in California

Dr. Jerry Schubel, president of the Aquarium of the Pacific, presents “Fish Story”, a short film about the potential of offshore marine aquaculture in the United States and its implications for ocean conservation.

Fish Story screen shot

Recipes | Sustainability

Thursday, February 04, 2016

10 Chowder recipes to try for National Clam Chowder Day!

/images/seafoodfuture/Flickr_blu_pineappl3_Clam_Chowder.jpg February 25th is National Clam Chowder Day! Celebrate this winter holiday with a steaming cup or bowl of this wonderful traditional dish. We have compiled some of our favorites to help you choose the perfect recipe to try out for the holiday.

Health | Local Seafood | Recipes

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Treat your Sweetheart to Heart-Healthy Seafood this Valentine’s Day!

/images/seafoodfuture/shutterstock_264250373__nelea33.jpg Whether you decide to make your Valentine’s Day dinner simple yet delicious or fancy and decadent, make sure to treat your sweetheart to an extra special and heart-healthy meal by incorporating seafood!