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Public Transit

Ride Metro and save
on Aquarium admission.

Planning your trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific is easy! Simply click here to go to the trip planner and enter your address and in the destination, simply type “Aquarium of the Pacific” and select “Museum” from the “Select landmarks…” drop down.

We are located half a mile from the Transit Mall in downtown Long Beach which makes for a 10 minute downhill walk to the Aquarium from the Blue line and major bus lines.

Walking directions from the Transit Mall at Pine and 1st Street:

  • Head South on Pine Ave. (towards the water)
  • Turn right at The Paseo
  • Turn left at Aquarium Way

Alternatively, you may take Long Beach Transit’s FREE Passport bus that serves downtown Long Beach, the Aquarium of the Pacific, and the Queen Mary. From downtown to the Aquarium, you can board at many stops along Pine Avenue, with the northwest corner bus stop of Pine at Ocean Blvd. being very popular (see southbound Pine at 1st St on the schedule). The Passport has frequent arrivals every 8-12 minutes depending on the day and time. For a detailed schedule, click here to be taken to the Long Beach Transit site.