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Aquarium Apps

Latest update 5/2016 to v3. New features: Reduced Demand for Data Usage – Images are downloaded once and stored locally to reduce data usage.; Responsiveness – Pages are now loaded via stages to reduce overall data draw and load times.; Offline Map and Guide – Map and guide are now available without a required internet connection.; Swipe Navigation – Menus are now accessible using swipe gestures.; Bug Fixes

Enhance Your Next Visit or Raise Your Very Own Jelly

Aquarium Guide & Explorer

Jelly Lab

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Android app on Google Play
Jelly Lab App App Store Badge
Android app on Google Play

The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA can now be in the palm of your hand!

Embark on four missions to explore the ocean and its animals in the Aquarium of the Pacific’s new Explorer App. This interactive app even allows you to share your accomplishments with friends. Also included are Aquarium maps, show schedule, and species IDs. Download it today and visit the Aquarium to receive your instructions from mission control. Good luck, explorer!

*We highly recommend using earphones with this app.

The app is available for free in the App Store and the Google Play and allows you to enhance your experience at the Aquarium by giving you all the information you need on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Android powered-device.


  • Check out what shows and tours will be available on the date of your visit so you can plan ahead.

Map and Visitor Guide

  • An electronic version of our visitor’s guide full of information about our facility, galleries, animals, and more. This also includes maps of the Aquarium.

Species I.D.

  • With a trading card look, learn all about the plants and animals that call the Aquarium their home. It also includes information on often-asked-about animals. Navigate by species type, exhibit, or visually with just photos.

Also includes quick links to call, email, directions, and our website.

Explorer Missions

  • Brand new in version 2.1 - explore the Aquarium of the Pacific like never before. Embark on five missions to explore the ocean and its animals

Grow Your Very Own Sea Jelly Pet

Learn and do what it takes to keep a healthy and growing sea jelly, from maintaining water circulation to feeding and cleaning. Do it successfully and watch your sea jelly grow into a beautiful adult medusa, all without getting wet!

Take your jellyfish wherever you go and perform your animal care duties in the app just like the staff at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Then find out what sea jelly species you’ve raised and add it to your collection.

Jelly Lab is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

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