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Pacific Currents

Read the latest issues of Pacific Currents, our magazine created just for members.

Read the latest issues of Pacific Currents, our magazine created just for members.

Pacific Currents

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Pacific Currents magazine fall 2019 cover

Pacific Currents

September 11, 2019

Pacific Currents Fall 2019

Visions of a Sustainable City

Learn more about the various innovations and potential solutions seen in Pacific Visions to make our cities and communities more sustainable. Find out what you can do to help get closer to making these future cities a reality.

Pacific Currents Spring 2019 cover

Pacific Currents

April 30, 2019

Pacific Currents Spring 2019

Pacific Visions

The new wing houses an art gallery, orientation gallery, the Honda Pacific Visions Theater, and a culmination gallery. Read about the components visitors will experience in each space.

Pacific Currents Winter 2019

Pacific Currents

January 4, 2019

Pacific Currents Winter 2019

Exploration and Discovery

The Aquarium’s education programs engage learners of all ages, both on site during a regular visit and in special offerings available throughout the year. Read about all the programs on offer that your membership and admission dollars support.

Pacific Currents Fall 2018 Cover

Pacific Currents

September 5, 2018

Pacific Currents Fall 2018

The Story of Kaya the Seal Pup

In April the Aquarium’s 22-year-old harbor seal Shelby went into labor with her third pup. Here, we are sharing the story of Kaya’s birth and details from her first four months at the Aquarium.

Pacific Currents Spring 2018 Cover

Pacific Currents

April 17, 2018

Pacific Currents Spring 2018

Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary

This summer the Aquarium of the Pacific will celebrate its twentieth anniversary. Take a look back at the Aquarium’s history and join in the celebrations.


Pacific Currents

January 5, 2018

Pacific Currents Winter 2018

How to Adapt to a Changing Climate

We know that Earth’s climate is changing. We’ve seen the impacts, including intense hurricane and wildfire seasons, prolonged droughts, and coastal flooding. What can we do?


Pacific Currents

September 5, 2017

Pacific Currents Fall 2017

Mighty Mangroves

Mangroves are critically important ecosystems for both marine life and people around the world—but they are rapidly disappearing.


Pacific Currents

April 5, 2017

Pacific Currents Spring 2017

FROGS: Dazzling and Disappearing

Thousands of amphibian species have evolved into an incredibly diverse group of animals that are found on almost every continent. They are facing several threats that together are causing populations to decline rapidly.


Pacific Currents

January 9, 2017

Pacific Currents Winter 2017

The Lives of Whales

While whales are beloved by humans, there is still much we need to do to ensure their survival, which is critical to maintaining balance in the ocean.


Pacific Currents

September 8, 2016

Pacific Currents Fall 2016

Preventing Extinctions: What We Can Do to Help Endangered Animals

Understanding the threats endangered species face and lessons learned from the past can help us determine how best to avoid future extinctions

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