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Travel to California’s Central Coast

BP Sea Otter Habitat

Peer underwater and discover the busy world of sea otters as they swim and interact amongst kelp and fish.

Southern Sea Otter

Discover their above-water home with realistic rockwork, murals, and lighting. Meet our energetic and curious sea otters. Engage in friendly competition in an interactive game to learn about sea otters and their natural habitat in kelp forests. And browse exhibit graphics to dive deeper into their habitat, eating habits, and conservation issues.

BP Sea Otter Habitat

Southern Sea Otter

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Learn More About These Fascinating Animals

The southern sea otter (Enhydra lutris nereis) is found along the California coast from Half Moon Bay to Coal Oil Point near Santa Barbara. The animals live in the kelp forest in water as cold as 35˚ to 60˚ F (2˚ to 16˚C).

Sea Otter Conservation

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A Caring Public is Needed to Ensure Otter Survival

Sea otters have faced many threats over the years. Hunting nearly wiped out the entire population by the early 1900s. Now a protected species, California’s sea otters have grown from a group of 50 in 1938 to about 2,800 today. But they continue to face many serious risks, and the help of a caring public is needed to ensure that the species survives and thrives.

Sea Otter Challenge Interactive Game

Sea Otter Challenge Interactive Game buttonLink

Beat the clock to answer true/false and multiple choice questions.

Learn more about sea otters and test your knowledge in the Sea Otter Challenge Interactive Game! Meet field biologist Tim Tinker, who will guide you through the challenge. Watch video clips and beat the clock to answer true or false and multiple choice questions about sea otters!