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Feed an Animal

Get up close to some of our most popular animals.

Up-close of the underside of a cownose ray being fed by a hand holding red tongs. - popup
Feed a Ray opportunities are available at select times throughout the year. Aquarium of the Pacific

Ray Touch Pool

Get up close and feed a ray at the Ray Touch Pool!

Aquarium visitors can feed a ray in the Ray Touch Pool on the second floor outdoors on certain dates throughout the year for $5. These feedings will be held at 11:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. during the summer, holidays like Memorial Day and Thanksgiving weekend, and during winter break. Purchase a cup of food at the Ray Touch Pool at the start of the feeding (cash only, limit of twenty cups sold per feeding). The feeding lasts thirty minutes.

2019 Ray Feeding Dates:

  • Summer: June 22-September 2
  • Thanksgiving Weekend: November 28-December 1
  • Winter Break: December 23-January 1

Lorikeet Forest

Feed the colorful lorikeets in Lorikeet Forest by purchasing a cup of nectar at the entrance for $4.

The birds will land on your arms, shoulders, or hands when you offer them nectar, which they drink from small cups using their absorbent tongues. Be sure to follow guidance from Aquarium staff members on how to safely feed and interact with the lorikeets. There is a handwashing station outside the aviary exit.

Young boy and girl smile as woman holding a nectar cup feeds the lorikeet perched on her wrist. - popup
You can feed the colorful lorikeets in Lorikeet Forest by purchasing a cup of nectar at the entrance.
Boy with otter and trainer - popup

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