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Buying and preparing local, responsible seafood during coronavirus quarantine

Well-managed U.S. seafood can provide easy, healthy meals for your family and the planet.

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Good for your kids, good for the planet. Serve sustainable seafood. Credit: Seafood Nutrition Partnership

The world is operating a little differently right now. As we spend more time at home preparing meals during the coronavirus quarantine, we can make choices that help support our immune systems and healthy ecosystems. Seafood is among the healthiest and easiest proteins to prepare. Buying seafood from local fishermen and seafood farmers provides greater assurances that the seafood is produced in a manner that is environmentally and socially responsible. There are a number of fishermen, seafood farmers, and suppliers who are working hard to adapt to the current quarantine conditions to continue to provide consumers access to healthy, local sources of responsible seafood.

Seafood for the Future has compiled some resources to help you connect to responsible seafood sources in California and the U.S. There are also some links to recipes and cooking tips from our friends at Seafood Nutrition Partnership to inspire simple, healthy and sustainable seafood for the whole family to enjoy.

Can’t find U.S. seafood? Look for products certified by Marine Stewardship Council, Best Aquaculture Practices, or Aquaculture Stewardship Council or recommended by Seafood Watch.

Local Seafood Resources:

Seafood Directories by State:

Recipes, Cooking Tips, and More from Seafood Nutrition Partnership:

NOTE: These resources are provided for reference only. Any mention of specific brands, products, or policies is not an endorsement by the Aquarium of the Pacific, Seafood for the Future, or our sponsors and partners.


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