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Videoconference Programs Pre-k and K

Bring amazing ocean animals straight to your classroom with these fun and interactive programs. Our youngest students are invited to look for shapes, listen for sounds and follow the stories of animals in the ocean. Please see the list of programs below for more specific information.

Friends in the Sea, Are you like Me?
Follow Gracie, a baby gray whale, in search of animals that are just like her. Along the way, she will discover that just because they live underwater, not all ocean animals look or sound the same. On this learning adventure, students will use sound, movement and observations to discover some of the animals that make the ocean their home.
CA Science Standards: K: 1a; 2a, b, c; 4a, b, c, d.
National Standards: Science, Grades K-4 Physical Science: Properties of objects and materials. Life Science: The characteristics of organisms. Organisms and environments