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Virtual Field Trip Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

I booked a videoconference program…now what happens?
Your reservation with the guest support center or confirmed through CILC is the first step. Once the booking is confirmed, you will be contacted by an Education staff member 2-3 weeks before your scheduled date to review details and discuss virtual connection steps. Please expect to be contacted by email or phone, an Education staff member will contact the person who made the reservation. If this is not the same person that will be present in the virtual field trip please let the education staff member know.
Will we be able to do a test virtual field trip connection call before the program?
Yes! Once your program is booked you will be contacted by an Education staff member where you can request test dates and time. The mutually agreed upon date and time will be discussed during the follow-up email or phone call mentioned above.
What kind of equipment will I need for my videoconference?
Participants will need an internet capable computer, laptop, or mobile device with a camera to connect to the Aquarium studio using Zoom webinar software. Alternative methods to connect include an H.323 cisco or polycom device that connects using an IP address.
What is the cancellation and refund policy?
There is no charge to cancel or reschedule your virtual field trip more than 48 hours prior to your confirmed date and time. If you cancel your program within 48 hours of the confirmed date of the videoconference session, you will be charged for the full price of the program. Inclement weather, technological problems on our end, and any other uncontrollable factors will be taken into account.
We have scheduled a virtual field trip program; do we need to supply anything?
Two to three weeks before your scheduled program you will be emailed a list of the needed supplies. You may be asked to email or digitally share, or make copies, of worksheets for each of your students, these are separate from pre and post class materials that will also be provided. For squid dissections a box of squid will be delivered to a single address with directions on what you will need to do to make sure the squid will be ready to go the day of your program.
Is there anything I can do to prepare my students?
The supplied pre and post materials will be a great addition to your program. These materials can be found under each virtual field trip program description.
What is the best way to set up my classroom for the virtual field trip experience?
Any format will work so long as we are able to see all of your students clearly. If connecting an in-person classroom, please have the camera and speakers as close to the students as possible while ensuring that they are all in view.
What is the maximum number of students that can participate during a session?
To ensure the highest level of interactivity for your students the maximum is 35 students per program.
Will there be time at the end of our program to ask questions?
Yes! Questions during and at the end of the program are encouraged. The last five to ten minutes of each program will be dedicated to a question and answer session. We encourage you to have your students write their questions down prior to the start of the program.

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