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Virtual Field Trips for Grades 6-12

The following virtual programs offer opportunities to connect your students to the ocean by exploring local and global ecosystems, conservation efforts, and squid dissections.

Programs Offered

top of Blue Cavern

Credit: Robin Riggs / Aquarium of the Pacific

The Ocean and Us

Are marine animals the only ones who depend on the ocean for survival?

From a major supplier of oxygen, to a steady food source, to regulating weather patterns, the ocean’s reach is far and wide. Further, the impact that humans have on the ocean can be equally far reaching. In this interactive and discussion based program, learners will explore this complex relationship between humans and the ocean, thinking critically about the connections we have with the ocean.

  • Learning Objectives:
    • Learners will analyze and interpret data sets to understand the role of the ocean as part of the climate system
    • Learners will be able to explain how the ocean and humans are interconnected
    • Learners will identify actions on land that negatively impact our oceans and discuss possible solutions
  • Price: $150
  • Program Time: 50 minutes
tropical fish

Credit: Robin Riggs / Aquarium of the Pacific

Coral Reefs and Conservation

Coral reefs are some of the most diverse habitats in the world, but they are also some of the most threatened.

An incredible array of fish, sharks, and invertebrates can be found living in these underwater cities. Using live webcam footage of the Aquarium’s tropical exhibits to take a closer look at the unique animals living in these habitats, students will be able to explore the biodiversity of coral reefs and the ways that animals rely on coral for survival. Students will also think critically about current threats, and possible solutions, while learning about conservation efforts happening around the world.

  • Learning Objectives:
    • Learners will use observation and questions to better understand the relationships that exist in a coral reef ecosystem
    • Learners will analyze data sets to ask questions and make predictions about the effects of climate change on coral reefs
    • Learners will learn about current scientific approaches to coral conservation and think critically about ways they can protect this ecosystem
  • Price: $150
  • Program Time: 50 minutes
squid on blue background

Credit: Robin Riggs / Aquarium of the Pacific

Squid Dissection

How does a squid swim? Why does a squid ink?

The answer to these and many more questions can be found with a closer look inside the squid. This program will allow your students to closely explore squid anatomy. Your students will discover the ins and outs of these interesting ocean animals in this hands-on dissection.

  • Learning Objectives:
    • Compare and contrast squid with other animals in the mollusk phylum
    • Explore the systems and adaptations that allow squid to move, protect itself, feed, and/or reproduce
    • Ask questions and make observations about the external and internal anatomy of a common market squid
  • Price: $150
    $250 (includes shipping squid)
  • Program Time: 50 minutes
  • Downloadable Materials:

Credit: Robin Riggs / Aquarium of the Pacific

Aquarium Exploration

Learn about some of the most interesting animals in our collection while virtually touring our Tropical Pacific, Northern Pacific, and Southern California & Baja exhibits with live camera views.

Programs are tailored to be grade specific and include interactive media, games, and time to ask questions. General themes include an introduction to the different habitats of the Pacific Ocean, animal diversity, and adaptations.

  • Learning Objectives:
    • Learners will compare and contrast living and nonliving elements of tropical and kelp forest habitats
    • Learners will ask questions and share observations about animals and their habitats using pictures, biofacts, and webcam footage
  • Price: $100
  • Program Time: 30 minutes

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