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Videoconference Programs Grades 9-12th

Aquarium educators walk your students through dissections and help them explore marine animals from the inside out.

Squid dissection
How does a squid swim? Why does a squid ink? The answers to these and many more questions can be found with a closer look inside the squid. This program will allow your students to closely explore squid anatomy. Your students will discover the ins and outs of these interesting ocean animals in this hands-on dissection.
CA Science Standards: Biology/Life Sciences: 6c, e, g; 8b,d; 9a, g.
National Standards: Science, Grades 9-12. Science as inquiry: Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry. Understanding about scientific inquiry. Physical Science: Properties and changes of objects in matter. Life Science: Structure and function in living systems. Reproduction and heredity. Regulation and behavior. Populations and ecosystems. Diversity and adaptations of organisms. Science and Technology: Abilities of technical design. Science in Personal and Social Perspectives: Personal health. Natural hazards. Risks and benefits. History and Nature of Science: Science as a human endeavor: Nature of science.