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Videoconference Programs Grades 6-8th

Do you think your students know a lot about the ocean? Would you like to introduce them to some new fun facts? Please see the list of programs below for more information.

Fishial Pursuit
Sharks may lose 30,000 teeth in a lifetime! A blue whale can have a tongue as big as an elephant! Dispelling myths and learning cool and interesting fats in the name of the game. Join us for an interactive educational program where the students are the contestants and the questions are all washed up!
CA Science Standards: 6th: 5a, b. 7th: 3a.
National Standards: Science, Grades 6-8. Science as inquiry: Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry. Understanding about scientific inquiry. Physical Science: Properties and changes of objects and materials. Motions and forces. Life Science: Structure and function in living systems. Reproduction and heredity. Regulation and behavior. Populations and ecosystems. Diversity and adaptations of organisms. Earth and Space Science: Structure of earth system.