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Interactive Videoconferencing

Around the Corner or Around the World

Program Details
Availability Monday-Friday (based on availability)
Cost $100-$250 per program. Please see individual program listing.
Length 30-50 minutes. Please see individual program listing.
Capacity 35 per program unless otherwise noted.

Program Options

Pre-k and K

Our youngest students are invited to look for shapes, listen for sounds and follow the stories of animals in the ocean.

Grades 1-2nd

Meet Sharky and Officer Opalyeye!

Below is a list of the classes offered:

  • Sharky’s Adventure
  • Marine Mammal Mystery

Grades 3-5th

Join the FBI (Fish Bureau of Investigation), Ocean Rangers, and Aquarium educators as we investigate fish and sharks.

Below is a list of some of the classes offered:

  • Shark Mythbusters
  • FBI (Fish Bureau of Investigation)

Grades 6-8th

Do you think your students know a lot about the ocean? Would you like to introduce them to some new fun facts?

Grades 9-12th

Aquarium educators walk your students through dissections and help them explore marine animals from the inside out.