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Lecture Archive: Ellen Prager

Galápagos Wonders

Lecture date: January 22, 2020. Dr. Ellen Prager shares her experiences in the Galápagos and the wonder of the islands through stories and images.

Lecture Archive: Susan Gerros

Saving Birds in the Northern Mariana Islands

Lecture date: January 15, 2020. Susan Gerros will share stories of her experiences on the island of Saipan, located in the Northern Mariana Islands, where several species of birds are being relocated to help save them from possible extinction.

Lecture Archive: Mark Gold and Betty Yee

California and the Ocean: Perspectives on the Future

Lecture date: January 12, 2020. Two leaders in ocean conservation and management discuss their perspectives on California’s unique relationship with the ocean and what we can do to ensure a healthy ocean in the future, and one that benefits society economically.

Lecture Archive: Dr. Thomas White

An Evolutionary and Philosophical Answer to the Climate Change Mystery: Why the Doubt?

Lecture date: January 9, 2020. Dr. Thomas White discusses skepticism of climate change in the United States.

Lecture Archive: Jason Smith

Metals for the Future

Lecture date: November 19, 2019. Dr. Jason Smith discusses polymetallic nodules in the global context as an alternative to traditional terrestrial mining.

Lecture Archive: Barbara Taylor

Vanishing Vaquitas

Lecture date: November 12, 2019. Dr. Barbara Taylor discusses the endangered vaquita porpoise and what conservation lessons we should learn if we want to share our coastal and river waters with porpoises and dolphins.

Lecture Archive: Danielle Eubank

One Artist, Five Oceans

Lecture date: November 5, 2019. Danielle Eubank discusses the process of documenting the world's oceans in her paintings.

Lecture Archive: Lee McIntyre

The Scientific Attitude

Lecture date: October 8, 2019. Lee McIntyre discusses his concept of the scientific attitude, which includes openness to new ideas, but skepticism until those ideas have been tested against the evidence.

Lecture Archive: Sea Level Rise Panel

Coping with Sea Level Rise With a Focus on Long Beach’s Peninsula and Belmont Shore

Lecture date: October 7, 2019. In a presentation co-sponsored by the Aquarium and The Nature Conservancy, experts from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and France's University of Montpellier discuss sea level rise in Long Beach.

Lecture Archive: Yi Chao

Underwater Drones to Discover the Unknowns

Lecture date: September 24, 2019. Dr. Yi Chao discusses using autonomous underwater drones and robots to explore the deep ocean.

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