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Lecture Archive: Douglas Fenner

Can We Save Coral Reefs?

Lecture date: June 4, 2020. Douglas Fenner discusses the threats facing coral reefs and what humanity must do to save them.

Lecture Archive: Lewis Duncan

Emerging Technologies and Maritime Warfare in the 21st Century

Lecture date: May 27, 2020. Lewis Duncan discusses cooperation, competition, and conflict on the world’s oceans.

Lecture Archive: Richard Somerville

Climate Change Science: How Can Sound Science Inform Wise Policy?

Lecture date: May 13, 2020. Richard Somerville presents a lecture to discuss the latest climate science, public perceptions, and how science can guide policymaking.

Lecture Archive: Sunil Amrith

Unruly Waters: How Rains, Rivers, Coasts, and Seas Have Shaped Asia’s History

Lecture date: May 6, 2020. Historian Sunil Amrith discusses his book, Unruly Waters, in which he reimagines Asia’s history through the stories of its rains, rivers, coasts, and seas—and of the weather-watchers and engineers, mapmakers, and farmers who have sought to control them.

Lecture Archive: Douglas McCauley

Flood Tides and the Affairs of Humans

Lecture date: April 22, 2020. Douglas McCauley shares how we can all be inspired in challenging times from lessons of resiliency in our ocean and what responsibility we have to recommit to protecting ocean health.

Lecture Archive: Sylvia Earle

California and the Ocean: Perspectives on the Future

Lecture date: January 13, 2020. Famed ocean explorer Sylvia Earle discussed her perspective on California’s unique relationship with the ocean and what we can do to ensure a healthy ocean in the future, and one that benefits society economically.

Lecture Archive: Andrew Reeves

Unwitting Helpers: The Strange, True Story of How Silent Spring and the Clean Water Act Gave Rise to Asian Carp in America

Lecture date: February 26, 2020. Andrew Reeves discusses share stories and material from his book Overrun: Dispatches from the Asian Carp Crisis.

Lecture Archive: Nate Jaros and Briana Fodor

Coral Reef Restoration in Palau and the Bahamas

Lecture date: February 19, 2020. Aquarium staff members Nate Jaros and Briana Fodor discuss the Aquarium’s involvement in coral reef restoration field work.

Lecture Archive: David Bader

A Story About People and Place: Lessons Learned in Vaquita Conservation

Lecture date: February 6, 2020. Aquarium Director of Education David Bader discusses lessons learned from the story of the vaquita and what it can tell us broadly about what it will take to achieve conservation success.

Lecture Archive: Josie Iselin

The Curious World of Seaweed

Lecture date: January 30, 2020. Josie Iselin will share images of her artwork, discuss how her interest in art and science brought her to study seaweed, and introduce a few women scientists who were crucial in broadening our understanding of the oceans.

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