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Pacific Currents

Read the latest issues of Pacific Currents, our magazine created just for members.

Pacific Currents Spring 2012

Meet Our New Penguins

Penguins are found on four continents in the Southern Hemisphere and live in regions that range from the cold and icy Antarctic to the warm and temperate shores of South Africa and the Galapagos Islands. Learn about the variety of the world’s penguins and the Magellanic Penguins that will make their home at the Aquarium.

Pacific Currents Winter 2012

The Wide World of Marine Invertebrates

Marine invertebrate animals range from the simple sponge to the sophisticated octopus, but they all have one thing in common: no backbone.

Pacific Currents Fall 2011

Climate, Carbon, and the Ocean

Most of our energy use results in carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to climate change. Some of this carbon dioxide is also absorbed by the ocean and could cause lasting changes to ocean chemistry and biology.

Pacific Currents Spring 2011

Arctic & Antarctic: Our Polar Regions in Peril

Learn how warmer temperatures in the Arctic and Antarctic are causing environmental changes that affect the regions’ plants, animals, and people.

Pacific Currents Winter 2011

The Gulf of Mexico

Discover the role the Gulf of Mexico plays in our nation’s economy, food supply, and environmental stability. Also, learn about the impacts of last year’s oil spill and whether or not the Gulf will recover.

Pacific Currents Winter 2010

Living on an Urban Ocean

In this issue, explore Southern California’s coastal ocean, a place of intense interaction between humans and the sea. Find out what makes this place so different and what we can do to balance the needs of people and nature.

Pacific Currents Summer 2010

Sea Otters

In this issue of our member magazine, the Aquarium introduces the newly renovated BP Sea Otter Habitat. This enhanced exhibit transports visitors to the Central Coast of California, immersing them in the sea otter’s native habitat. The addition of our newest otter, Maggie, is just one of the exciting changes.

Pacific Currents Spring 2010

Molina Animal Care Center

In this issue of our member magazine, the Aquarium introduces you to a new facility that will open this summer—the Molina Animal Care Center. This new addition will provide expanded space for our veterinary hospital, holding for our animals behind the scenes, and exhibits for guests that bring the world of veterinary science alive.

Pacific Currents Winter 2009

Seafood for the Future

In our Winter issue of Pacific Currents, learn about our Seafood for the Future program, which helps consumers easily identify which seafood choices are sustainable. Readers will also find out about the prestigious award that the Aquarium won for its sustainable business practices. And homeowners will be interested to learn about how to save money and conserve water with drought-resistant landscaping.

Pacific Currents Summer 2009

Shark Summer

Learn about the graceful and magnificent animals that keep our ocean healthy during the Aquarium’s Shark Summer. In this issue, you will find out about some of the amazing physiological features of sharks as well as why they are such important inhabitants in the ocean. You will want to read our Conservation Corner to see what you might be able to do to help save sharks.

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