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Pacific Currents

Read the latest issues of Pacific Currents, our magazine created just for members.

Pacific Currents Fall 2016

Preventing Extinctions: What We Can Do to Help Endangered Animals

Understanding the threats endangered species face and lessons learned from the past can help us determine how best to avoid future extinctions

Pacific Currents Spring 2016

Horses and Dragons / Vanishing Animals

New exhibits at the Aquarium this summer include Horses and Dragons, which will highlight seahorses, seadragons, and their relatives, and Vanishing Animals, which will examine animal extinctions on land and how to prevent extinctions in the ocean.

Pacific Currents Winter 2016

El Niño: Impacts in California and Beyond

Strong El Niños bring warmer ocean waters and rainstorms to Southern California, impacting people and marine life. The phenomenon is a natural part of our climate cycle.

Pacific Currents Fall 2015

California's Drought

Read about California’s drought history, current research, government responses to the drought, and potential solutions.

Pacific Currents Spring 2015

Sea Jellies

These otherworldly animals are found in ocean and freshwater environments around the world. The Aquarium debuts new jellies exhibits in summer 2015.

Pacific Currents Winter 2015

Science on a Sphere: Using Technology to Tell Ocean Stories

Zoos, aquariums, planetariums, and other institutions now have a tool to help their visitors learn more about our planet and how changes to the environment affect life on Earth. Science on a Sphere is a high-tech display system created by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Pacific Currents Fall 2014

Southern California Steelhead

The lifecycle of the Southern California steelhead demonstrates how the ocean and land environments are connected.

Pacific Currents Spring 2014

Behind the Scenes at the Aquarium

Find out about the operations that go into running a world-class aquarium in a typical twenty-four-hour period.

Pacific Currents Winter 2014

Seahorses & Sea Dragons

Learn about seahorses and sea dragons, members of the syngnathid family of fishes.

Pacific Currents Fall 2013

Exploring the Ocean Today and Tomorrow

Learn about current expeditions and a recent gathering of ocean explorers.

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