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High School

The Aquarium of the Pacific offers several opportunities for students that are enrolled in high school.

All of our programs allow students to volunteer and earn service hours, gain experience, and meet new friends.

High School

Sea Turtle on a Beach links to Citizen Science: Sea Turtle Monitoring Volunteer

Citizen Science: Sea Turtle Monitoring Volunteer

Citizen Science volunteers monitor, count, and document the activities of endangered green sea turtles residing in the San Gabriel Watershed.

Education volunteers smiling at an interaction station links to Education Volunteer

Education Volunteer

Engage with guests at interaction stations and help teach them about the animals & ecosystems of the Pacific Ocean!

Harbor Seal Shelby Face links to Guest Services Volunteer

Guest Services Volunteer

Guest Services Volunteers are the face of the Aquarium, and are throughout the facility in order to assist guests and enhance the guest experience. This gives each volunteer the opportunity to provide our guests with the utmost in Service Excellence, which is one of our core values.

Two high school interns stand by the entrance greeting guests links to Service Excellence And Leadership Internship (S.E.A.L.)

Service Excellence And Leadership Internship (S.E.A.L.)

The purpose of the Service Excellence And Leadership Internship (S.E.A.L.) is to gain working experience at one of Los Angeles County’s largest educational and entertainment venues.

The Great Hall during Earth Day Celebration links to Special Events Volunteer

Special Events Volunteer

Help with the setup and event logistics of our weekend special events.

six people standing at the base of a large tree in the rainforest links to Student Eco-Ambassadors (S.E.A) Program

Student Eco-Ambassadors (S.E.A) Program

Travel with us from the Aquarium of the Pacific to the rainforests of Ecuador

Students gather around a conference table with computers and notebooks links to Teen Science Cafe Volunteer

Teen Science Cafe Volunteer

Students and scientists work alongside one another to create conversations about science and help scientists to develop language and communication skills to speak to the next generation. These volunteers will help organize opportunities to have scientists connect with other students in the community and expose them to the sciences, and it also increases scientist’s exposure to a younger audience.

Volunteer waits for guests at an interpretation station links to VolunTEENS


A special opportunity for high school students between the ages of 14-16 to get their hands wet and earn hours.