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Tom Tomlinson

Animal News | Conservation Issues | Conservation | Marine Biology

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The Southern California Steelhead Story

Tom Tomlinson recorded this Aquacast at the Aquarium on May 8, 2014. He shares the natural history, local importance, and ecological role of the Southern California steelhead.

Video Posted: May 20, 2014 | Running time: 3:14

Edith Widder

Animal News | Marine Biology

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The Kraken Revealed: The Story Behind Finding the Giant Squid

Edith Widder recorded this Aquacast at the Aquarium on August 27, 2013. Widder is a deep-sea explorer, oceanographer, marine biologist, and co-founder of the Ocean Research and Conservation Association.

Video Posted: August 27, 2013 | Running time: 3:09

Rescue Animals

Animal News | Conservation | Marine Biology

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The Aquarium provides a safe haven for numerous animals.

There are rescue animals, or animals that would not be able to survive in the wild, that reside at the Aquarium of the Pacific, including sea otters, sea lions, and other marine creatures. One of those is a recent addition to the Aquarium family, a sea lion named Odin. Despite the fact that Odin is nearly blind, he has acclimated to his new home quite nicely.

Video Posted: November 30, 2007 | Running time: 2:03