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Behind the Scenes and Extras

Series Teaser #1 - Mussels

Mussels are a responsible seafood choice that provides benefits to the ocean by filtering our excess nutrients. They are also a good source of protein and essential vitamins and minerals.Chef Barton Seaver and scientist Halley Froehlich share some tips on how to select fresh mussels.

Series Teaser #2 - Oysters

Farmed oysters are a responsible seafood choice that use minimal land and fresh water resources. They are also a great source of iron, zinc, and calcium. Here’s a clip featuring farmer Frank Roberts and Chef John Marshall on the proper way to say “mignonette.”

Andrew Cohen films Hawaii sunset with palm fronds in foreground.

Credit: Bailey Galvin-Scott

Meet the Crew

Andrew M. Cohen

Director of Photography/Editor

“Being a part of Ocean to Table, the crew and I had the opportunity to go to these locations interact with the farmers, see the farms, and then taste the products of these farms. This experience has deepened my understanding of aquaculture. “

Chris Corpus selfie with sunglasses in front of Maine waterfront on a sunny day.

Credit: Chris Corpus/Aquarium of the Pacific

Chris Corpus

Producer/Production Manager

“It was fascinating to learn about the U.S. seafood farmers we encountered. It was also interesting to see the scale of the aquaculture industry and how much potential is possible.”

Camera operator Jack Lawson makes some adjustments on the set of the Hawaii table discussion.

Credit: Andrew Cohen/Aquarium of the Pacific

Jack Lawson

Camera Operator

“Filming Ocean to Table showed me that there are many variations of aquaculture and also gave me the opportunity to engage in the lives and experiences of the diverse people and communities involved Because of this project, I now have a broader understanding of how people, aquaculture, and our environment interweave.”

Camera operator Bailey Galvin-Scott is dressed in wadders on a boat, ready to get some images from the Hog Island Oyster Farm.

Credit: Andrew Cohen/Aquarium of the Pacific

Bailey Galvin-Scott

Drone and Camera Operator

“From scientists to locals, farmers to filmmakers, I felt the common message that it is in huge part up to us to keep our oceans healthy and to sustainably provide for the ever increasing amount of people on this earth.”

Sound technician, Dave "DB" Baumgartner listens intently on the set of the Hog Island Oyster segment, filmed outside in Tomales Bay.

Credit: Andrew Cohen/Aquarium of the Pacific

David “dB” Baumgartner, CAS

Location Sound Mixer

“It is imperative to always remember that we are all, and will forever be, connected to the ocean. From the ocean we came and to the ocean we return. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to have had a close up look at this Industry and to be part of the film crew that is bringing this knowledge to a broader audience.”