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Aquarium Displays Paintings of Marine Life by Truong Buu Giam

Garibaldi painting by artist Truong Buu Giam

November 28, 2018

The Aquarium is displaying an exhibit of paintings by artist Truong Buu Giam from December 14, 2018, to February 28, 2019, on the second floor near the entrance to the Tropical Pacific Gallery. Giam uses traditional Vietnamese watercolor techniques to blend liquid resin and acrylic paint in his underwater scenes of marine life. The exhibit includes twenty prints, with additional prints and art tiles available for purchase through the Aquarium’s Pacific Collections gift store.

Truong Buu Giam is a Southern California-based artist whose work incorporates both abstract impressionism and elements of traditional Asian art. Because the epoxy he uses flows onto the painting surface like water, he adapted his painting techniques to depict marine life.

Giam’s Marine Life Collection is influenced by his memories of growing up in the Vietnamese coastal town of Vung Tau, southeast of Saigon, where he regularly spent time at the beach. As a young officer in the South Vietnamese Navy, he visited many islands off the coast of South Vietnam and interacted with animals such as turtles, fish, and coral.

“Marine life is more mysterious; it is not seen every day. Most people do not regularly get to appreciate its beauty unless they are SCUBA divers or snorkelers. Through my art, I’m proud to play at least a small part in sharing the beauty and wonder of the oceans with others,” Giam said.

Painting by artist Truong Buu Giam called Turtle
Photo of artist Truong Buu Giam standing with arms folded in front of one of his paintings