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Aquarium Announces Winners of 20th Anniversary Art Contest

Painting of otter swimming on its back

Ariel Hill

September 24, 2018

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, the Aquarium held an art contest presented by JetBlue throughout the summer of 2018. The contest was open to paintings, drawings, prints, digital/new media, and photography relating to the Aquarium’s history, accomplishments, animals or programs and had more than one hundred submissions. The top twenty entrants were selected to win a round-trip flight on JetBlue.

The winning entries include representations of the Aquarium’s iconic animals, including sea jellies, sea otters, octopuses, and even the blue whale model that hangs in the Great Hall. Winning entries also included depictions of the Aquarium building and a sculpture of a shark modeled after a JetBlue airliner. The winners are Lena Bishop, Mandi Blanton, Dyroza Bun, Teresa Chehade, Carolina Contreras, David Early, Elke Goodno, Veronika Gorchkova, Julia Higgins, Ariel Hill, Khaliya Johnson, Margarita Nordanyan, Dennis Nozawa, Lauren Penney, Chelsea Pero, Ken Renk, Sheri Schneider, Amy Smith, Sara Vonepp, and Leslie Yee.

These top twenty winning entries will be on view at the Aquarium in an exhibit on the second floor of the Great Hall starting December 15, 2018.