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Lecture Archive: Swordfish Panel Discussion

Storied Seafood Program Launch

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Posted: March 26, 2018

Lecture date: April 25, 2018. Seafood for the Future convened an expert panel of scientists, conservation organizations, and fishermen to educate the public about one of the most complex, controversial, and innovative fisheries in the U.S.—the California swordfish fishery. Panelists discussed how scientists, conservationists, and fishermen are working together to find solutions to keep fishermen fishing and reduce bycatch. Visit to learn more.

Panelists: Chugey Sepulveda (Pfleger Institute of Environmental Research), Alexis Jackson (The Nature Conservancy), Mark Helvey (NOAA Fisheries, retired), Donald Krebs (fisherman), Cassie Burdyshaw (Turtle Island Restoration Network), and Stephen Stohs (NOAA Fisheries).

Video Posted: March 26, 2018 | Running time: 84:14

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