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Poisoned Waters

Cyanide fishing and the marine fish trade

The demand for live fish for both the marine aquarium and seafood trade spurs the use of destructive collecting techniques, including cyanide fishing. Cyanide is a toxic chemical used to stun the fish, allowing them to be gathered by hand. Many fish suffer lasting injury and experience early mortality. The fishermen frequently cause physical damage to reefs during collecting as well, destroying branching corals while getting at small fish in crevices.
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Cabo Pulmo

Abundant sea life that thrives along the coast of Baja California is represented in our Gulf of California exhibit

The Cabo Pulmo reefs along Baja California support marine life ranging from strikingly colorful fish to playful seal lions, but these reefs have been endangered by a variety of sources. Due to this threat, the Mexican government has made it a national marine park. See some of the animals native to Cabo Pulmo represented at the Aquarium.

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