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Steller Visions

Georg Steller and the vanishing species which bear his name

The Gulf of California is home to a diverse assemblage of wildlife. This diversity is a reflection of the Gulf's distinctive geography. Impacts to wildlife from a variety of sources threaten many of the rare and endangered species that make the Gulf their home.
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Sea ducks drink seawater with help from a special gland

The Common Goldeneye spends part of its year on freshwater lakes, and part on the coastal ocean. Like other sea ducks, they have an adaptation that allows them to drink saltwater safely.
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Forests for Fish

Mangrove forests are essential for thriving fisheries

Mangrove forests are a feature of tropical coastlines. In addition to protecting shorelines from erosion and waves, they support a thriving population of fish and invertebrates. The loss of mangrove forests to deforestation and development bodes poorly for shoreline protection and fisheries.
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The Six Senses of Sharks

Sharks have the same five senses as humans – plus one more!

Check out our "kid friendly" podcast that's all about sharks! This exclusive podcast includes terms that people of all ages can understand. You'll learn how sharks use their senses of hearing, smell, touch, taste, and sight. They also have a sixth sense, the ability to sense electricity.
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The Grunion Return

The diminutive fish returns to the beaches of Southern California

Each year grunion return to the sandy beaches of Southern California to lay their eggs. This unusual spectacle is readily observable during a walk on the beach, provided you’re willing to stay up late enough.
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Cultured Fish

Breeding marine animals in the Aquarium of the Pacific

Aquarists at the Aquarium of the Pacific have achieved remarkable success in breeding marine organisms. This often involves interesting challenges that result from the unusual ways in which ocean-dwelling animals breed.
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Going Deep

The remarkable adaptations of deep-diving seals

Seals have remarkable adaptations for surviving the cold, pressure, and darkness of deep water.

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