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Channel Islands Monitoring (2005)

A further goal of this program was to promote community awareness and community involvement in marine conservation through the activities of the divers and volunteers associated with the Aquarium’s Volunteer Scientific Diving Program.This pilot study will serve as a model to request funding for future expeditions and long-term monitoring using volunteer research divers from the Aquarium and other institutions.

Papers, presentations, or publications related to this work: No reports or papers have been created chronicling the Aquarium of the Pacific’s contribution to this project due to the small scope of our work, however the scientific data gathering techniques tested by the Aquarium staff divers have been adopted as part of the PISCO protocols. A preliminary report on the data gathered at the CINMS over a five year period will be produced in Dec. 2007, with a final report to the California Fish and Game Commission in Feb. 2008.

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