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Sea Jelly Gallery

The Aquarium has been home to several species of sea jellies and comb jellies. Some of these are pictured below.

Purple-striped Jelly Chrysaora colorata

Purple-striped Jelly - Chrysaora colorata. A juvenile purple-striped jelly that has not yet developed the characteristic purple stripes of the adult.

Moon jelly white

Moon Jelly - Aurelia aurita

Egg yolk jelly

Egg Yolk Jelly - Phacellophora camtschatica Credit: Robin Riggs/Aquarium of the Pacific

Indonesian Sea Nettle Sea Jelly

Indonesian Sea Nettle - Chrysaora chinensis Credit: Robin Riggs/Aquarium of the Pacific

Upside Down Jelly

Upside-down jelly - Cassiopeia xamachana

Comb Jelly (Sea Walnut)

Comb Jelly (Sea Walnut) - Phylum Ctenophora Credit: Aquarium of the Pacific

Japanese Sea Nettle

Japanese sea nettle *Chrysaora pacifica* Credit: Andrew Reitsma/Aquarium of the Pacific

West Coast Sea Nettle

West Coast/Pacific sea nettle *Chrysaora fuscescens*

Umbrella Jelly

Umbrella jelly *Eutonina indicans*

White spotted jelly

White-spotted jelly *Phyllorhiza punctata*