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Conservation Threats

Amphibians live in a transformed world.

Green and black lumpy toad on reddish rocks

Western Green Toad (*Anaxyrus debilis^) Credit: Aquarium of the Pacific/Robin Riggs

The effects from climate change have impacted many amphibians. They are an indicator species because they can help determine the health of the ecosystem. Since they rely on both water and land to complete their lifecycle, amphibians are often one of the first animals to disappear when environmental effects begin to grip the ecosystems.

Amphibians also face particularly high illegal trade as pets. At least 17 percent of amphibians are collected from the wild and traded, usually for the pet trade. When species are rare, this can increase the likelihood of extinction.

Top threats that amphibians face

  • Climate change
  • Habitat destruction
  • Chytrid fungal disease
  • Invasive species
  • Pollution
  • Over-harvesting or collecting
The Intriguing World of Amphibians
Facing a Changing World