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Sea Otter Pups

Meet our sea otter pups that are helping our adult sea otters and our staff learn what it takes to care for sea otter babies.

Four sea otter babies

Aquarium of the Pacific/Robin Riggs

These pups, now living in our Sea Otter Habitat in the Northern Pacific Gallery, were found stranded without their mothers in Northern California. The pups will be on public view on rotation. They were assessed by wildlife experts, who determined that they would not be able to return to the wild. The Aquarium was thrilled to be able to provide them a temporary home until permanent ones are found.

The Aquarium is proud to be able to provide these young animals a home and help train our staff and adult sea otters on how to care for pups as we prepare to launch our Sea Otter Surrogacy facility. Our adult sea otters are helping the pups learn important skills like grooming and feeding. Our staff is learning about specialized care for young sea otters, including the necessity of around-the-clock care when the pups arrive.

Our Pack of Sea Otter Pups