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Breeding Projects and Program

In addition to participating in the AZA’s Species Survival Programs, the Aquarium of the Pacific has an extensive captive breeding program.

These in-house breeding programs reduce the need to collect species from the wild. The animals produced not only become part of our exhibits, but also they are often shared with other aquariums and zoos nationwide. Techniques learned during these efforts are also regularly shared with our colleagues at other aquariums and zoos—a far-reaching benefit.

Breeding research enhances understanding of the biology and life-cycles of the animals, an understanding that may also be important in the management of wild populations.

Aquarium Animal Breeding

The Aquarium has successfully bred harbor seals; twelve species of invertebrates, including sea jellies, spot prawns, cleaner shrimp; and twenty-six fish species, including seahorses, weedy seadragons, pipefish, sharks, and rays. The eleven species of sea and shorebirds successfully bred include the Magellanic Penguins.

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