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June Keyes Penguin Habitat

Our Penguins

Learn about their unique behaviors and characteristics

While it’s difficult to distinguish one Magellanic Penguin from another, Aquarium visitors will be able to tell who’s who by looking at the penguins’ color-coded and name-labeled ID tags on their wings.

Here you can read about the various personalities and behaviors that are becoming apparent amongst the members of our flock. Penguins of all species can be a lot like people—we see a lot of ourselves in their behavior. At the Aquarium, our penguins’ poolside antics can be a bit like a soap opera!

Our Penguins


Avery buttonLink

“The Teenager”

Avery is a very mellow, mild-mannered, young male penguin, but he does have one thing he’s particular about: eating.


Floyd buttonLink

“The Curious One”

Born in 2010, Floyd is a curious penguin who likes to hang out with the other younger birds.


Henry buttonLink

“The Wise Elder”

Born in 1995, Henry is the oldest penguin in the group. He likes to lead the pack at feeding time and is often the first to come up on deck and feed.


Kate buttonLink

“The Flirt”

Kate is the flirtatious female of the bunch. Early on, she paired up with Avery and followed him around, but Robbie was also interested in her.


Ludwig buttonLink

“The Rowdy One”

Ludwig is definitely the rowdiest of the younger penguins in the group, his trainers report.


Newsom buttonLink

“The Baby”

Like Jeremy and Ludwig, Newsom is one of the younger penguins. While he’s slightly shy, he’s still a social penguin and likes to hang out on deck with the others.


Noodles buttonLink

“The Bruiser”

Noodles is a bit shy and hesitant around humans. He takes his food all at once and then runs back into the water.


Patsy buttonLink

“The Shy One”

Patsy is one of the female penguins and on the smaller side. At first she used to wait for the others to eat before getting food, but now that she’s warmed up to her human trainers, she is bolder.


Robbie buttonLink

“The Brave One”

Robbie is the penguin who is most comfortable around humans. When he arrived at the Aquarium, he had a foot infection and received medical treatment at the Molina Animal Care Center.


Roxy buttonLink

“The Independent One”

Roxy likes to be first, especially when it comes to feeding time. Other than that, her personality is pretty relaxed.


Shim buttonLink

“The Big One”

Shim is the largest penguin in the group. Sometimes he’s vocal and will stretch out his neck to get food over others, but other times he tends to yield to the other penguins in the pool and at the food bucket.


Whatever buttonLink

“The Bold One”

The penguin with an unusual name, Whatever is a female with a bold, independent streak.


Heidi buttonLink

“The Sweetheart”

Heidi is one of two chicks born at the Aquarium in the summer of 2013.


Anderson buttonLink

“The Only Child”

The male chick that hatched at the Aquarium in June 2013 was named Anderson, in honor of the Aquarium’s senior bird biologist Karen Anderson.


Jayde buttonLink

“The Princess”

Jayde is Kate and Avery’s first chick. Independent and confident, Jayde hatched on May 31, 2014.


Paddles buttonLink

“The Pipsqueak”

Paddles is a female chick that hatched June 11, 2014 to parents Patsy and Noodles.


Mattson buttonLink

“The Troublemaker”

His parents are Patsy and Noodles, and he hatched on June 12, 2014, a day after his sister Paddles.


Skipper buttonLink

“The Prince”

Skipper, a male, is Roxy and Floyd’s third chick and hatched on June 27, 2014.


Elvis buttonLink

“The King”

Elvis was born in 2000 and weighs just over eleven pounds.