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Dive Volunteer

Dive Volunteers at the Aquarium of the Pacific get up close and personal with the residents of the largest habitats.

Divers in exhibit, high-fiving children

Exhibit divers high-five with guests during a volunteer shift. Credit: Aquarium of the Pacific

They assist the Husbandry staff by feeding the animals and observing their behaviors. Divers spend a lot of time cleaning the artificial rock and coral, using a variety of tools from toothbrushes to power washers. With additional training, divers may qualify to participate in on-mic presentations to our guests.

Dive Volunteer Recruitment is typically once a year. Diver selection is based on basic qualification, water skills, underwater competency, schedule availability, commitment, and communication. Applications will expire at the end of the year if training is not complete. Applicants should be organized, self-motivated, and have excellent people skills.

Prerequisites to Apply 

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Rescue Diver SCUBA certification
  • 50 logged dives
  • Commit to dive once a week for a period of at least one year

Requirements to Dive

  • Pass background check
  • Pass an annual dive physical and drug screen
  • Current certification in First Aid, CPR, AED, & O2 Provider
  • Attend 3 aquarium and dive safety trainings prior to the first volunteer dive day
  • Pass in-water swim test
    • Examples of skills (subject to change): 400 yard swim in 12 minutes or less, 25 yard swim on single breath, Tread water 10 minutes, Surface tows.
  • Pass in-water scuba skills and buoyancy evaluation
    • Examples of skills (subject to change): Enter and exit water by ladder with fins in hand, Surface swim alternating between snorkel and regulator, Remove and replace buoyancy compensator on surface and underwater, Remove and replace regulator and mask while hovering underwater, Buddy breathing, Rescue of simulated unconscious diver from depth.
  • Pass written knowledge test
  • Able to lift and carry 50 pounds
  • Able to bend, climb ladders and steps, navigate exhibit platforms
  • Able to dive in water temperatures ranging from 58-74°F
  • Able to understand and follow written and oral instruction
  • Able to adapt to a fast paced, ever-changing work environment
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Competent in basic online data logging and e-mail communication
  • Maintain 75% annual attendance

Working Conditions

Must be able to work in warm and cold water environments for periods of 20-90 minutes. Full wetsuit, booties, gloves, and hood must be worn while diving and are provided by the facility. Divers should be comfortable being in close proximity with marine animals (i.e. fish, eels, sharks, rays, turtles, mammals) and should not be bothered by fish odor. All are required to maintain a clean and organized area to facilitate a presentable and safe environment for work and behind the scene tours. In addition to the ability to lift 50 lbs., divers must be able to quickly assemble, don, and transport full scuba gear.

Time Commitment

Once a week for one year. All dive volunteers attend a 4-5 hour shift once a week on a recurring day of the week. We require a minimum commitment of one year of weekly service (with time off of course recognized for vacations, special needs, and illness). Minimum annual attendance rate of 75%.


Applicants must attend initial Information meeting, Swim/Scuba Checkout, Aquarium 101, and New Diver Training. We do not provide training for Rescue diver certification or required emergency certifications (First Aid, CPR, AED, O2 Provider).


Now accepting applications, please click on the application link below:

Volunteer Application

Volunteering at the Aquarium

The Aquarium owes much of its success to our dedicated and committed volunteer staff. You can be part of that story by joining our team in one of the many volunteer or intern programs that we offer throughout the Aquarium.

Experience the Aquarium like never before.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at what drives us, inspires us, and be a part of it all.