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Catering by SAVOR…

Dedicated to Experiences & Sustainability

shrimp appetizers

Credit: Scott Smeltzer

Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich guest experience, building upon your vision through food – listening, learning, growing, harvesting, cooking and breaking bread together. Curating stories through food creates a powerful bond between people, place and time. Creating in an instant, a flavor, a taste or a familiar aroma can transport us to a memory—a snapshot in time with family and friends. That is the power of food. We strive to build on those moments. We showcase who we are by focusing on where we are and customizing experiences. We seek out partnerships with local chefs, restauranteurs and farmers, who will help us shape a singular dining experience known only at our venue, set within the unique backdrop of our community.


Our sustainability initiatives include purchasing locally produced and sustainably raised products, sourcing sustainable seafood, using non-petroleum-based products, and recycling and composting our waste whenever possible.

Allergens & Food Safety

We are focused on providing an inclusive environment to all your attendees. Whether your guests have a food allergy, food intolerance or dietary preference our teams are trained to meet your needs. Our Sales Team, Chefs and Managers take a ServSafe Allergen course and understand how to prepare safe food for your guests. We will offer the best in guidance and suggestions to provide a safe and welcoming dining environment for your event. Speak with your Sale Representative about any anticipated dietary concerns as early as possible to ensure the most seamless service.

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