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FAQs & Policies

Answers to Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Aquarium building at dusk


The city owned parking structure adjacent to the Aquarium accommodates up to 1,200 cars. The parking fee is $8.00 per car and will be required for those attending a special event.


The Aquarium of the Pacific is generally available for private use seven days per week between 7:00pm and 12:00am (specific areas have varying start times). Setup may not begin prior to 6:00pm. Please contact the Aquarium for event inquiries during operating hours between 9:00am and 6:00pm. All private events are contingent upon the Aquarium’s own schedule of events and activities.

Certificate of Insurance

All clients must provide The Aquarium of the Pacific with Certificate of Insurance indicating liability coverage. The Aquarium of the Pacific must be named as “additionally insured.” If not received one (1) week prior to the event date, insurance coverage will automatically be issued for the event and the Licensee will be billed an insurance premium based on the final attendance count according to the event classification. The following rates apply:

Attendance Premium:

  • 1-100: $81.00
  • 101-500: $113.00
  • 501-1500: $169.00
  • 1501-3000: $219.00
  • 3001-5000: $332.00
  • 5000+: To Be Determined


The Aquarium provides, as a part of the regular fee, custodial and facility personnel. Volunteers are available to attend the event to provide accurate interpretation of the exhibits at no additional cost to you. The Aquarium of the Pacific cannot guarantee a minimum number of volunteers attending.


Savor… Catering is the exclusive in-house caterer for the Aquarium of the Pacific. No outside food and beverage is allowed for special events. All food and beverage pricing is subject to a 22% service charge and applicable sales tax.


All décor items must be flame proofed and are subject to Aquarium approval. All decorations must be free standing. No item may be leaned against any wall or affixed to the interior or exterior portions of the building in any manner. The following are prohibited at Aquarium of the Pacific: Live fish, dried previously living animals (i.e. coral), shells, candles, pyrotechnics, balloons, confetti, rice, sand, and neon glow sticks and necklaces. Live trees or shrubs must be approved by the Aquarium of the Pacific Special Events.

Exhibit Lighting

At approximately 8:30pm some of the exhibits begin a slow dimming process, which is similar to the inhabitant’s natural environment.


Musical performances and other entertainment may take place only in certain areas of the Aquarium at approved sound levels, which will be deemed appropriate at the sole discretion of The Aquarium of the Pacific. It is important to the success of the event and to the professionalism of all parties involved that all entertainment be set-up before guests arrive and that no sound equipment is faulty or substandard. Set-up cannot begin prior to 6:00pm. Audio-Visual equipment is available for rent from the Aquarium. Audio-Visual equipment from an outside vendor is subject to approval as electrical circuits are limited in common areas of event production. All special lighting or décor fixtures are subject to approval by The Aquarium of the Pacific. Cords must be secured to the floor by runners only. Taping cords to tile floors is not allowed.


Delivery of props, equipment, and rental items are not arranged through The Aquarium of the Pacific and must be scheduled with the Aquarium at least (1) week prior to the event. All props, entertainment, and rentals will be admitted into the Aquarium only on the day of the event and after all day visitors have left the facility. The Licensee and or delivery company, immediately following the event, must remove all decorations, props, equipment and rentals.