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Babies On Board…And Lots of Them at the Aquarium in the New Babies! Exhibition

From rescued baby sea otters to tiny cuttlefish that change colors, babies are making a splash at the Aquarium of the Pacific starting Friday, May 27, 2022.

otter pup 926 wrapped in a towel held by two gloved hands

May 27, 2022

Meet the newest members of the Aquarium of the Pacific family! You can experience the heartwarming joy of baby animals like fuzzy sea otters, tiny cuttlefish that change color, miniature sea jellies, and baby sharks through the new Babies! exhibition at the Aquarium of the Pacific starting May 27, 2022.

Visitors can watch the antics of rescued baby sea otters in the Aquarium’s Northern Pacific Gallery. Then they can explore over a dozen exhibits featuring more young animals in the all new Babies! exhibition inside Pacific Visions on the second floor. These little ones will be featured in exhibits showcasing important ocean habitats that function as nurseries for baby animals, including mangroves, coral reefs, and seagrass beds. The exhibit will also feature a young desert tortoise and a jelly lab, where you can see how the Aquarium grows baby sea jellies and see them in the various stages of their life cycle.

Babies! also features stories of how the Aquarium takes care of baby animals, from handfeeding newly hatched birds with syringes to around-the-clock care for our baby sea otters. Visitors can also learn about the Aquarium’s major animal husbandry achievements, such as being the first to breed zebra sharks via artificial insemination, and significant births, like Shelby the harbor seal’s three pups and Magellanic penguin chicks.

Through the new exhibition, you can also find out about the threatened and endangered animals in California that the Aquarium is helping, including mountain yellow-legged frogs, white abalone, giant sea bass, sea otters, and sea turtles. Many of these species are threatened by the impacts of climate change, overfishing, habitat loss, and other environmental issues. Through rescue, rehabilitation, breeding, and release programs, the Aquarium is working to help these species. The new Babies! exhibition will also feature content in Spanish, including Spanish signage and video captioning.