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Johnathan Casey

Assistant Curator of Fish and Invertebrates

Johnathan Casey is the curator of fish and invertebrates who manages the Aquarium’s Shark Lagoon and the Southern California Gallery.

Casey has expertise in the conservation and culture of endangered white abalone, sea turtles, seagrass, and coral. Additionally he is skilled in ornamental aquaculture (rearing tropical fish popular amongst hobbyists), with a focus on finfish and sharks and rays. Casey’s expertise also includes species epidemiology, etiology, pathology, quarantine, and treatment. He enjoys working on creating exhibits, emphasizing authenticity to biotope (ecological community of a particular habitat).

Casey previously worked at various aquatic institutions in Hawaii. He received a B.Sc. in biology and minor in chemistry from George Fox University, studied marine biology at the University of Washington, and has been maintaining aquariums since he was five years old. He is an avid underwater photographer.

Jonathan Casey portrait

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