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Cristina Hernández

Youth Volunteer Coordinator

Cristina Hernández is a youth volunteer coordinator who works directly with teens to enhance communication and work skills through ocean conservation and as a spokesperson for news interviews, including in Spanish.

Hernández oversees the Aquarium’s VolunTEEN, Ocean Neighbors, and Student Eco-Ambassador (S.E.A) Programs. In these programs, she works with teens to enhance public speaking, leadership, guest interactions, and community communication skills through ocean conservation. In the process, teens learn how to educate and connect with diverse communities based on the Aquarium’s conservation efforts, including T.R.A.S.H. (Taking Responsibility and Saving Habitats). Hernández also collaborates on Spanish-language interactions and translations. She received her bachelor’s degree of arts in recreation with a concentration in community relations from California State University, Long Beach.

Cristina Hernandez 2023 portrait

To arrange an interview, please contact a member of the PR team:

Director of Public Relations

Marilyn Padilla
(562) 951-1684

Communications Manager

Andreas Miguel
(562) 951-1678

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